Contemporary Dance is a dance performance genre that was developed during the mid-twentieth century and has since grown to become one of the dominant genres throughout the world. Although originally informed by and borrowing from classical, modern, and jazz styles, it has since come to incorporate elements from many styles of dance. Contemporary dance classes are a great way to exercise. The improvised nature of contemporary dancing involves fluidity of movement, whilst minimising the physical stress normally caused by dancing. This style of dance allows you to translate meaning through movement and really allows you to interpret the music.

Your child will:

• Develop their use of balance and spatial awareness.
• Explore floorwork, fall and recovery, and improvisation.
• Improve alignment of the body, posture and balance.
• Gain body confidence in a positive and nurturing environment.
• Learn choreographed routines for performances and Dance medals.
• Have fun moving their body and exploring and interpreting the themes in the music.

Contemporary Dance is lyrical and expressive and we’ve learnt some lovely routines....It’s good fun and one of my favourite classes.