Film and Acting for camera classes are an ideal opportunity for your child to gain experience in the art of cinematography and screen acting. They will develop an understanding of the more technical aspects of shooting a scene, whilst maintaining a focus on acting. The students will become familiar with the roles and responsibilities of a film crew and as actors, will get comfortable with the camera’s proximity! Especially to their faces!! Ready for your close-up!! All students are encouraged to get very practical with the camera equipment and microphones.

The students will also learn about castings and auditions for film, television and commercials and learn how to improve their technique. They will discuss and explore how their own real emotional experiences can be channelled through the art of film.

Your child will:

• Learning to operate and work with the use of a handheld camera and camera equipment
• Directing scenes and camera set-ups.
• Preparing and working on monologues, duologues and scenes from a range of television and film genres.
• Building confidence as a performer and in particular as a screen performer.
• Devising and writing film scripts and scenes.
• Have fun with the camera

I'm a stage door student and I love all the classes. Learn so many interesting things and Tony the film tutor is boss.