Musical Theatre classes are a great way to introduce your child to the joy of singing. Students will work on scenes and songs from a wide variety of the Musical Theatre repertoire and will be encouraged to develop their performance technique through song. At Stage Door, we hold an annual show which focuses heavily on Musical Theatre as it unites the three essential disciplines of Acting, Singing, and Dance.

Your child will:

• Pitch, tone, rhythm and vocal range
• Warm up exercises and breath control
• Harmony
• Dexterity and articulation
• Performing the story of the song
• Development of vocal technique
• A variety of different musical genres and styles
• Show and presentation work

Musical Theatre is my favourite class because I love to sing. We always start with a vocal warm up and then learn a song and stage it. I love performing in the shows.


I’ve been doing Musical Theatre classes for two years now and just love it! My favourite musical is Wicked. We have to Sing, Dance and Act at the same time so it’s hard sometimes but lots of fun.