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Date: 15th June 2020   |   Category: Uncategorized

Dear Parents,

We hope you have all had a fantastic week! We have been busy at Stage Door planning upcoming lessons and events. Thank you for responding so quickly about our upcoming outdoor sessions. We will be sending information out in the next couple of days with all the details and about how you can sign up and book a session for your child. The lessons will start the week commencing 22nd June and we can’t wait to see the students back and enjoying some outdoor Performing Arts!!!


 Join us on Friday 26th June at 7:30pm for our virtual quiz on Zoom. To take part, reply to this email or get in touch with the Stage Door Team. This quiz will be for Stage door Students aged 10yrs+. 



Our Zoom Lamda sessions will commence this week on Thursday 18th June. We still have some space if you would like to sign up. For those who showed interest and have already put their name down, you will receive an e-mail today about how pay and receive the Zoom invite.



1. Nursery Rhyme time.

Ask the students to act out and perform a nursery rhyme from the list below. Concentrate on vocal and physical expression and make sure they project their voices! We would love to see some photos or videos of their performances.


Twinkle, twinkle little star

I’m a Little Tea Pot

Humpty Dumpty

Mary Had a Little Lamb

One, two, three, four, five. Once I caught a fish alive

Jack and Jill

Itsy Bitsy Spider



2. 5 Seconds Objects

Call out an object from the list below and ask the children to use their bodies to make themselves into that particular object. A great physical fun game that you can play anywhere!!


A Table

A Bag

A Cup

A Flower

A Rock

A Birthday Cake


3. Guess the emotion 😊😩😂😳


In our last primary Performing Arts Zoom lesson we played “Guess the emotion”. Each student made a facial expression on the camera and everyone else had to guess the emotion they were showing. Why don’t you have a go of this at home! Sad, Happy, Angry, Tired, Confused, Curious, Excited……..there’s so many to choose from!!!


4. Bowl of Animals!  


Below is a list of animals. Write them down on some paper and put them in a bowl. Ask your child to take one out of the bowl and ask them to mime the animal they pulled out and try and guess which animal they are pretending to be!!!













5. Disney Name Challenge!!!!!


Can you name a Disney character for each letter in your name??? Eg. Elsa Mufassa Merida Aladdin would be mine!!!! (EMMA) You could also try this with Musicals or your favourite characters from fiction!!!!


We will be holding the following free ZOOM Performing Arts class this week!! Look at the timetable below and join us for some fun!!  These are open to any of our students and we will e-mail the link before the class, so please check your e-mail. For safeguarding, please do not share this link with anybody or put on social media. Get in touch if you have any difficulty accessing the e-mail. 


WEDNESDAY 17TH JUNE   7.30pm -Lower and Upper Seniors


Take Care everyone,

Stage Door Team