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Date: 29th June 2020   |   Category: Uncategorized

Dear Parents,

Our first sessions of outdoor lessons were brilliant last Tuesday! We watched some of the best scenes be have seen in months! The children had a great time seeing their Stage Door friends and we are looking forward to the  next sessions on Tuesday. We also had our Zoom Quiz on Friday night which was great fun! We will have another quiz in a few weeks so we will keep you posted.

We hope you enjoy some of the activities below…….


Stage Door Activities! 

1         I Am A Magician  

In this game, say to the children, “I am a magician and I will turn you into…” and then think of something to turn them into for example: Tea Pot, frog, jellyfish, slippery worms, bunnies. The students then act them out. If a student has an idea, they can become the magician and try the game on you!!!

2        Acting to music

The students must lie down and listen to a piece of music for about 30 seconds or more, and when they are ready, they stand up and move around the room in response to how the music is making them feel. The music may inspire them to be a wizard, skipping to wizard school, to walk through a cave terrified, or to be a huge, scary monster!!!

3         Freeze

Students spread out around the room and move freely around until you say FREEZE. The students must then freeze in the position they land in and then justify that position, ie, I’m bouncing a ball, I’m hailing a cab, I’m batting a ball. You can vary this by adding in the directive of ‘create a short scene’, ‘add an accent’. We would love to hear if the students have come up with any creative scenes. 

4         NURSERY NEWS

This actvitiy involves thinking of a nursery rhyme and reporting it on the news with ‘Studio guests’ and an outside broadcast interviewing ‘witnesses’. Here are some example of nursey rhymes that we think would be good scenes to report on.

1- Humpty Dumpty

2- Mary Had a little lamb

3- London Bridge is Falling Down




Here are some scenarios to try and improvise or write a scene/monologue about this week!

Visiting the Dentists
Boarding a bus
Stuck in a lift
Taking a pet to the vets
Visiting the Doctor
Headmistresses office
Buying a car
On a market stall
Having a photo taken

6         ZOOM LESSONS

We will be holding some more free ZOOM Performing Arts classes this week!! Look at the timetable below and join us for some fun!!!!! These are open to any of our students and we will e-mail the link before the class, so please check your e-mail. For safeguarding, please do not share this link with anybody or put on social media. Get in touch if you have any difficulty accessing the e-mail.

Saturday 4th July 2020 – 10am –  Primary 
                                     11am –   Junior 
Take Care everyone,



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