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Date: 01st June 2020   |   Category: Newsletters

Dear Parents,

What a wonderful sunny week we have had! This week during Zoom lessons we looked at the use of mime and it has been great seeing some of the students scenes. We hope you are all enjoying the Zoom sessions. We will be sending some information out in the coming days about how you can book onto our Lamda group Zoom sessions and our Summer on-line workshops.

 As lockdown restrictions are now easing we are also looking into the possibility of delivering some small outdoor group sessions….. so watch this space and please do let us know if this is something you would be interested in for your child!

Stage Door Activities! 

1         Drama Freezes 

Call out one of the situations below, count down from 3 and say “Freeze” Hold the frozen picture and then count down from 3 again and say ‘Action’ and see what improvisations the students come up with. Mums and dads you should try it too!!! 

– You have just seen superman flying in the sky 

– You have just splashed in the mud

– You are being chased by a lion 

– You are eating messy spaghetti 

– You are in the middle of a big dance move

– You are looking up at a giant 

– You just stubbed your toe


2        Seed Grows ( great for our younger students!!)

Make sure you have enough space to move around for this mime story. 

You are an apple seed, crammed tightly into your hard seed pod, and buried under the cold ground.  It is winter, and you are barely awake.  Above you, snow covers the ground.  It is totally dark under the ground.

Now it is spring.  The earth around you is growing a little warmer, and you start to feel more awake.  The snow above you melts and the water soaks into the earth around you.  It feels good.  The earth feels warmer, and you seem to be able to pull energy out of the soil.

It is time to come out of your seed pod.  You feel strong and energetic.  Using all your strength, you push up against your seed pod and break through, like a bird breaks out of the egg.  The earth around you is moist, and you soak in the life-giving moisture.  You don’t know why, but you know you want to push upwards.

Finally, with one great push, you emerge from the soil and see, for the first time, the SUN!

The sun’s energy flows into you and you feel stronger and stronger.  You stretch upwards and outwards until you are a healthy seedling.  The gentle spring rains nourish and refresh you.  Just take a moment to enjoy it.

(Take a longer pause here.)

Now let’s move ahead a few years.  You have grown into a strong young sapling–a tree about the size of a young person.  You have beautiful green leaves that soak up the sun and make you strong.  But you want to grow taller.  You want to be a tree.  So you summon all your energy and you push out and up.  As the years go by you become a strong, handsome apple tree.  You stand proud in the sun and enjoy your own strength and beauty.

Now it is fall.  You have grown succulent, nourishing apples all over your strong branches.  The apples contain seeds which might someday become new apple trees.  The apples are heavy.  Your branches are strong, but there are so many apples.  You feel weighed down.  You feel as if your branches might break.

Here come some children.  You can’t talk to them, but you know they are coming for the apples.  They have bushel baskets.  They are laughing and singing.  The children pick your apples, and your branches feel light.  You know they will take them away and eat them.  You know they will throw away the seeds, and that some of those seeds might grow to be new apple trees.

Almost all of your apples are gone.  But you know you will grow more next year.  

Now it is winter.  All of your leaves have fallen.  But you know you will grow more next spring.  Now it is time to rest.


·        Quiet- Matilda 

·        Reflection- Mulan 

·        Electricity- Billy Elliott

·        Little People- Les Mis 

·        A Letter from Charlie Bucket- Charlie and the chocolate factory the musical 

·        If I only had a brain- The Wizard of Oz

·        Can you feel the love tonight- The Lion King

·        Colours of the wind- Pocahontas 


4         CHARADES 

Why not try and have a game of Charades with your family this week! Here are some examples that you can try! Perfect for playing outdoors in the garden!!

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Frozen
  3. The little mermaid 
  4. Postman Pat 
  5. James and the Giant Peach 
  6. Paw Patrol 
  7. SpongeBob SquarePants
  8. The Lion King  

5          CIRCUS 

Since last years show was Circus themed why not try and create your own circus! Why not learn how to juggle or tell jokes like a clown? We would love to see pictures and videos! Dress up, face paint – show us you clowning around!!!!!

6         ZOOM LESSONS

We will be holding the following free ZOOM Performing Arts classes this week!! Look at the timetable below and join us for some fun!!!!! These are open to any of our students and we will e-mail the link before the class, so please check your e-mail. For safeguarding, please do not share this link with anybody or put on social media. Get in touch if you have any difficulty accessing the e-mail. 

TUESDAY 2nd JUNE   6pm – Lower Seniors

TUESDAY 2nd JUNE    8pm – Upper Seniors

SATURDAY 6th JUNE  10am – Primary  (5-8 yrs)

Take Care everyone,

The Stage Door Team 

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